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  • Hand-on Sideshifters
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    Hand-on Sideshifters

    Sideshifters: Shifting a load from side to side, to reduce handling time and improve maneuverability. All sideshifters are now revolutionart readt, meaning that with just nine bolts and a low cost, easy to install kit, you're minutes away from converting your sideshifter...
  • Integral Sideshifters
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    Integral Sideshifters

    Integral Sideshifters Big Range from 1ton to 10ton capacity,800mm to 2400mm width,Class II to Class V. 2A-3A Frame is made of Cold Extrusion Bar to ensure better finish and strength. 30% overload testing with 3 times moving speed to qualify the heavy-duty and impacking...
VIMAR is well-known as one of the most credible and professional sideshifters manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have our brand among those world famous such brands. Besides, the price of our casecade sideshifters made in China isn't expensive, welcome to contact us.
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