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Sideshifting Clamps

  • Bale Clamps
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    Bale Clamps

    Durable Class II ClassIII up to 5ton! Bale Clamp: Palletless handling of nearly any type of baled product such as cotton, wool, synthetic textile bales, corregated, newsprint, rag, hay and metal scrap bales translates into savings in time and storage costs. 1. Proven and well...
  • Block Clamps
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    Block Clamps

    1. Proven and well designed arms and T-shape arm bars ensure smooth moving and good durability. 2. Special designed check valve provide sideshifting without the third cylinder. 3. Low profile frame for good visibility over the clamp. 4. Superior slide bearing promises...
  • Carton Clamps
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    Carton Clamps

    Carton Clamp: Designed for the warehousing, beverage, appliance and electronics industries, carton clamps allow palletless handling, and save money on pallet purchasing, maintenance, shipping and storage. Also improve warehouse space utilization. 1. Proven and well designed...
VIMAR is well-known as one of the most credible and professional sideshifting clamps manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have our brand among those world famous such brands. Besides, the price of our casecade clamps made in China isn't expensive, welcome to contact us.
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