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Basic Conditions Of Forklift

Vimar Forklift Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2018

1. The age of certificates for forklift card special equipment personnel must be over 18 years old.

2, physical health and meet the special requirements of the type of forklift truck applied to the body.

3, there is a level of education that is compatible with the types of special equipment used for forklift certification.

4, have working experience with the type of special equipment for forklift card application.

5, have the corresponding safety technical knowledge and skills of special equipment operators of forklift truck certificates;

6. Comply with other requirements specified by the safety technical specification for special equipment operators of forklift truck certificates.

Specific conditions shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant safety and technical regulations. The personnel applying for "special equipment personnel certificate" should first sign up for the examination organization of the special equipment operator and issue the certificate of the special equipment operator after the examination.

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