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How To Protect The Commutator Of Electric Forklift Truck?

Vimar Forklift Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Electric forklift truck is a kind of forklift truck which uses battery as its power source, drives forward motor and hydraulic system motor, thus completes forward and loading and unloading homework. Its environmental performance is significantly better than that of conventional diesel forklift trucks. When we use electric forklift truck, we must be careful of its maintenance. Next, let's briefly explain how to adjust the commutator of electric forklift truck.

Commutator should adhere to a smooth cylindrical appearance. Under normal conditions, the commutator should be free from scratches or burns, and should have a color appearance. After a long period of work, the motor with excellent commutation performance gradually forms a brown-blue and tough film on the outside of the commutator, which can reduce the wear of the commutator and should be retained.

When the appearance of electric forklift commutator appears irregular ring, or sparks caused by rough appearance can not ensure and the normal commutation of commutator, answer grinding or finishing the outer edge of commutator. When the motor is grinded under the working condition, only the artificial fine oil stone or No. 00 glass sandpaper is used to clean it with compressed air after grinding.

If the mica sheet is found to be excellent after a long period of labor, or even with the appearance of the commutator, the mica must be engraved down 1-1.5mm. After carving, the appearance of the commutator must be polished, the edge chamfered and the burrs on the mica edge eliminated. Be careful to prevent chips and copper foam from falling into the motor when grinding, undercutting or outside the car. When turning the outer circle on a lathe, the bearing should be placed on the central frame so that the axis of the cylindrical surface of the commutator and the axis of the armature can be combined.

When the commutator has carbon powder in its appearance, it can be eliminated with dull and soft non-fibre cloth. When the appearance of the commutator is greasy, a small amount of gasoline can be dipped in the dishcloth to scrub. When the above process is completed, the appearance of the commutator is blown clean by boring compressed air.

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