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Maintenance And Maintenance Of Forklift

Vimar Forklift Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Precautions for the use of mechanical forklift:

At present, the forklift manufacturing industry is the largest and most potential market in the world. It has a certain potential for development. At the same time, a series of industries, such as the forklift service industry, have become an indispensable new industry. Then maintenance and repair can be divided into one level forklift maintenance and two level forklift maintenance.

Then, in accordance with routine maintenance projects, the following level of maintenance can be added.

1. Check the normal work of the thermostat.

2. Check the shift work of the transmission is normal.

3, check the tightness of the fan belt.

4. Check whether the filter of diesel oil inlet is blocked or damaged, and clean or replace the filter screen.

5, check and adjust the gap between the valve.

6. Check and adjust the clearance between brake pad and brake drum of hand and foot brake.

7, check the generator and starting motor installation is solid, and whether the wiring head is clean, check whether the brush and commutator wear.

8, replace the oil in the oil pan, check whether the crankcase ventilation pipe is in good condition, clean the oil filter and the diesel filter element.

9. Check cylinder pressure or vacuum.

10, check whether the wheels are firmly installed, whether the tire pressure is attached to the requirements, and remove the tread embedded debris.

11, because of the maintenance work and dismantled parts, after the assembly of forklift road test.

(1) braking performance under different degrees should be free from deviation and snare. On steep slopes, after the hand brake is tightened, it can be reliably stopped.

(2) listen to the engine running in acceleration, deceleration, heavy or no load conditions.

(3) after a road mileage, check whether the brake, transmission, front axle housing and gear pump are overheated.

(4) whether the lifting speed of fork lifts is normal and whether there is tremor.

12, check the multi-directional valve, lifting cylinder, tilt cylinder, steering cylinder and gear pump work is normal.

Attention to the use of electric forklift in summer:

1. Characteristics of high temperature and high humidity

Under the condition of high temperature and humidity, the temperature is high and the weather is hot, which will also bring great influence to the safe operation of the driver.

1, the heat dissipation performance of the engine is deteriorated at high temperature and the temperature is too high, resulting in deterioration of its power and economy.

2, it is easy to produce the water tank "open", the fuel supply system block, the battery "loss of liquid", the hydraulic brake failure due to the expansion and deformation of the skin bowl, the tire pressure is blasting with the increase of the outside temperature.

3. Under high temperature and high humidity conditions, the lubricating oil (grease) of each part of fork lift truck is variable and thin, and its lubrication performance decreases, resulting in severe wear of machine parts at heavy load.

4, as the temperature is higher, and the mosquito bites are added, the driver's sleep is affected, so the mental fatigue and heat stroke are easy to appear in the work, which is not conducive to the safety of the work.

5, the thunderstorm weather is more, because of the road. The loading and unloading site has water, low adhesion and easy skid, which will affect the safety of forklift, personnel and cargo.

Two. Attention to traffic operation

1, before the heat stroke, get ready in advance, release the engine, drive the bridge, transmission, steering machine and other lubricating oil in winter. After cleaning, the lubricating oil in summer is added in accordance with the regulations.

2, clean the watercourse, remove the scale of the cooling system, and clear the radiator fins. Check the tightness of the fan belt regularly.

3, adjust the generator regulator properly to reduce the charging current of the generator.

4. In the operation, prevent the engine from overheating. Pay attention to the instruction reading of the coolant thermometer. If the coolant temperature is too high, we should take the cooling measures. To keep the quantity of coolant, attention should be paid to prevent the boiling of cooling fluid from causing burns.

5, we should check the temperature and air pressure of the tires, stop in the cool place when necessary, and then continue to work after the tire temperature is reduced, so it is not necessary to reduce the temperature by using the way of deflating or pouring cold water to avoid reducing the service life of the tires.

6, we should regularly inspect the braking efficiency to prevent failure of brake due to aging, expansion deformation and brake fluid vaporization of the brake master cylinder or sub pump.

7, adjust the battery electrolyte density and clear the vent on the battery cover, keep the electrolyte higher than the separator 10-15mm, and add distilled water as the case is.

8, to ensure adequate sleep before work, keep energetic. If you feel tired, lethargic and slow in your work, you should stop and rest immediately, or brush your face with cold water to cheer up your mind, so as to ensure the safety of driving and operation.

9, do a good job of heatstroke and prevent heat stroke.

Finally check and confirm that all parts are good before they can be put into normal use.

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