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Operating Rules For Forklift Trucks

Vimar Forklift Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Inspection of vehicles

(1) before forklift operation, the appearance shall be inspected, and fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water shall be added.

(2) check the starting, running and braking performance.

(3) check whether the lights and sound signals are complete and effective.

(4) during the operation of forklifts, pressure and temperature should be checked.

(5) after the operation of the forklift, leakage should also be checked and the seals should be replaced in time.

(6) in addition to checking the above contents, the battery forklift should also check the circuit of the battery forklift according to the relevant contents of the battery car.


(1) observe the four weeks before starting, confirm that there is no obstacle to the safety of driving, whistle and start.

(2) vehicles with barometric pressure can only start when the reading of brake barometer reaches the required value.

(3) when the forklift truck starts, the driver should first confirm that the goods are stable and reliable.

(4) it is necessary to start slowly and smoothly.


(1) when driving, the height of the bottom of the fork should be 300 to 400mm and the door frame must be backward.

(2) not to lift the fork too high when driving. When entering or leaving the work site or on the way, attention should be paid to obstacles and scrapes. When the vehicle is running, such as fork lift too high, it will also increase the overall height of the fork lift center, which will affect the stability of the fork lift truck.

(3) after unloading, the cargo fork should be lowered to the normal driving position before driving.

(4) when turning, if pedestrians or vehicles are nearby, signal should be issued and no sharp swerve is allowed. High speed turns will cause the vehicle to lose lateral stability and roll over.

(5) internal combustion forklift is prohibited from flameout and sliding when downhill.

(6) no special cases are prohibited from braking when carrying vehicles.

(7) when the vehicle is running at a speed of over 7 degrees and downhill at a speed higher than a block, no special brake should be used.

(8) forklift truck must comply with the traffic rules in operation and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

(9) when the forklift is running, the load must be at the lowest position which does not impede driving. The portal frame should be properly tilting, and the load must not be increased unless stacking or loading. When moving large objects, objects block the sight of the driver. At this time, a fork lift truck should be put down.

(10) the forklift truck is controlled by the rear wheel. Therefore, we must always pay attention to the swing behind the vehicle and avoid frequent haste when beginners are driving.

(11) prohibit turning on ramps or crossing ramps.

(12) when forklifts are loaded downhill, they should go backward to prevent the goods from falling.

Loading and unloading

(1) when the goods are loaded, the distance between the two cargo forks should be adjusted according to the need, so that the two fork load should be balanced and not deviated. The one side of the goods should be attached to the shelving shelf. The weight of the fork should be in accordance with the stipulations of the sign of the load center curve.

(2) the height of the object should not obstruct the driver's line of sight.

(3) during the loading and unloading of goods, the forklift must be stopped by the brake.

(4) when goods forklift comes near or evacuate goods, the speed should be slow and steady. Pay attention to wheels not to crush articles and wooden pads, so as to prevent rolling objects from hurting people.

(5) when using goods fork to pick up goods, fork should be as deep as possible under the load, and note that the goods fork can not touch other goods or objects. The minimum door post reversion should be adopted to stabilize the load so as to prevent the load from sliding backward. When loading and unloading, the door frame can be small forward, so that the load can be placed and the fork can be drawn.

(6) forbid goods from high-speed forks and use forks to collide with hard objects.

(7) forklift trucks are prohibited from standing on the fork.

(8) forklift fork work, prohibit personnel standing around the fork, so as not to damage the goods collapsed.

(9) prohibit the use of fork lift personnel to engage in high altitude operations in order to avoid falling accidents.

(10) not allowed to use brake inertia to slip.

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