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Understanding The Exhaust Problem Of Forklift Trucks

Vimar Forklift Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 19, 2018

If the exhaust gas from the forklift truck is blue, it shows the fact that the engine is burning oil. It is mostly due to the following reasons that lead to such a result: too large gap between cylinder wall and piston, too much oil entering cylinder; too much oil in oil pan, when splashing lubrication, a large number of oil into cylinder; high temperature gas in cylinder into oil pan, making oil deteriorated, polluted and thinned, affecting the lubrication effect.

If the forklift truck exhaust pipe discharges milky-white oil mist, the main reason is that the fuel vaporizes poorly and discharges from the exhaust pipe without combustion, thus forming milky-white smoke.

This situation is more common when the engine starts in winter, which is due to low temperature and poor fuel atomization. Usually it disappears with the increase of engine temperature after engine start-up. If the exhaust pipe discharges a large amount of water vapor and white smoke, and there are water droplets in the outlet of the exhaust pipe, the main reason is the water vapor formed by the coolant channeling into the cylinder or gasoline containing water.

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